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we create web sites that...
  • provide information to people who visit them
  • gather information from people who visit them

1. Language and Layout

Theodore Zuckerman

2. Publishing and Publicizing

3. Personal Persuasion

4. Giving and Taking: Sites that Gather, Store, and Organize Information as well as Provide It

5. Summarization: some of the tools we can use to create or contribute to your web site:

6. Special Offers

Discussion boards. I can provide complete setup and full support for message boards, discussion forums — with all the programming and data located right on your web site — where you have full control.

We can help you select which program meets your needs, and then we can set it up for you, and customize the appearance and operation of the program. We can coax it into stylistic harmony with the rest of your web site.

I think many people will agree that, for a number of reasons, it is generally far better to have an discussion board right on your web site, than to use an outsourced board. For starters, keeping backups of the messages on an outsourced board is often not practical. Also, the operator of the outside site where the outsourced message board is, can load up every message board page with lots of advertising; however if the board is on your own site, you can set the board up without advertising, or you can set up a system for controlling advertising yourself, and for receiving revenues from advertisers — yourself. To see a basic board that we set up, click here.

DropDown Menus. There is a sample here, and another here. These are small menus, with text only. We can make very elaborate menus; we can easily make fancy-looking buttons to depress. These just require more time.

You can easily have the same menu on multiple pages. We just put a short javascript code (that we can supply) on each page. Then, if you change the menu, the changes are visible on every page that displays the menu. You can also have the particular page you are on, automatically highlighted on the menu.

Such menus can be made from graphic elements, as well as text elements. These include custom-designed "buttons" to press, and buttons with advanced "hover" attributes. It is just a matter of a little more time. Graphics, probably millions of them, can be found in "clip-art" catalogues, or you can have a graphic designer create custom graphics for us to include in the menu.

7. Portfolio

see some examples of past and present websites or pages we have created or contributed to

8. Other WebSite Notes

  • For our thoughts about dental care web sites, see our page here.
  • I have sold pianos that I repaired and reconditioned myself and can write about piano tuning and technology.

9. Other Services

  • Plain old fast typing. Tested at over 60 words per minute. Familiarity with a number of word processing software packages.
  • Electrical wiring. I am familiar with electrical fundamentals and tools of the trade, and can do telephone wiring, network wiring, cable TV wiring, and other low-voltage wiring. We can do residential and commercial power wiring under the supervision of an electrician.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping tasks. I can record transactions, prepare financial statements, and do all the tasks that are part of the accounting cycle. I am fully conversant with double-entry bookkeeping concepts. I have experience with QuickBooks and Peachtree. I am a certified QuickBooks user; I have been certified by Intuit (the publisher).
  • Secretarial tasks. Filing, spreadsheets, word processing.
  • Custom help files. We can use Microsoft HTML Help Workshop to create custom help files for applications software that you create, and we can explain how to use your software in clear language that users can easily understand.
  • Vegan gardening to grow food, using cover crops, green manures, and compost. Scientific knowledge of soil quality, plant nutrition.

10. In Brief

  • Expert communication of information and ideas.
  • Attractive and engaging designs.
  • Originality, and avoidance of cliché.
  • Effective use of interactive design elements.
  • Creation and maintenance of databases.

11. Contact Us

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