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As well as allowing you to contact us, without us having to make our email address available to everyone including spammers, this form helps us demonstrate our basic Perl programming abilities to you. We also do a little bit of php, MySQL, and javascript.

If you fill in your e-mail address, a Perl program will send you an automated e-mail message, from Leafy Green Web Publishing, reminding you what information you entered into the form below, and briefly remarking about it. To receive the automated response, only your e-mail address is required; all the other information on the form below is optional. Whether or not you include your email address, a copy of the filled-out form will be sent to Leafy Green Web Publishing. If you want a personal response, we can do that. Just say so in the "How Can we Help You?" box - and remember to include your email address. If for some reason you don't get a "thank you" page after pressing the submit button, it means the form has probably not been successfully submitted to us. Try again.

Privacy clause: we will be keeping a record of the information you provide. When you click "submit," the information will be placed in our database of people and their fruit and vegetables preferences. Any information that you provide about your fruit and vegetable preferences may be disclosed to anyone and everyone. If you don't want people to know you love brocolli, don't tell us. However we will not give anyone your e-mail address, so no-one but us will be told how to contact you by email. If you get email messages from beet growers or apple orchards — they didn't get your email address from us. Unless you ask us to, we will not contact you either, beyond sending you the single automated e-mail message we mentioned, and a reply to any message you put in the "How Can we Help You" box.

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